Biosound Therapy

What is Biosound?

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Biosound offers natural, non-invasive emotional healing through binaural beats and coherent heart rhythm patterns. This therapy combines music, vibrational massage, guided imagery, and positive affirmations to synchronize the body’s nervous system, relieving stress and physical pain to foster holistic healing.

What to expect during your Biosound Therapy session.

Biosound aims to rewire brain pathways, promoting focus, relaxation, and emotional balance while reducing anxiety and negative emotions. During your session you can expect:

What are the benefits of Biosound therapy?

Biosound offers a transformative journey of healing through the harmonizing power of sound and vibrations, drawing from ancient wisdom and modern innovation.

Enhances focus, relaxation, and positive emotion recognition.

Alleviates mental health-related physical symptoms and stress sensitivity.

Reduces anxiety and negative emotions.

Exploring the History of Sound and Vibrational Healing

Sound and vibrational healing trace back to ancient civilizations like the Aboriginal people of Australia, who utilized the didgeridoo for over 40,000 years to treat various ailments.

Throughout history, cultures worldwide including Ancient Greece, China, Tibet, and Egypt, have employed sound and voice for therapeutic purposes.

How long has Biosound Healing Therapy been used?

Biosound Healing Therapy emerged in 2010, founded by Rick Gallant during his recovery from alcoholism. Gallant’s journey led him to explore holistic approaches, culminating in the development of Biosound as a tool for overcoming addiction-related trauma.

Introduced in 2011, Biosound gained popularity in substance abuse treatment and mental health care for issues like anxiety, depression, trauma, and sleep disorders.