A home for homeless youth to be, grow, and transform.

91 Place is a transitional housing program serving youth facing homelessness ages 16-24 on the near-east side of Indianapolis. As of March 2023, we have created the space to allow…

Youth Housed
Youth Served
High School Graduates
Re-Enrolled in High School
Enrolled in College
Jobs Started
Obtained Own Housing
Started Therapy

Apply for housing at 91 Place

If you or someone you know is in need of housing, click the button below to fill out our application form. We house on a first-come-first-serve basis and for anyone who ends up on our waitlist, someone from 91 Place will contact you when there is availability. For questions about the waitlist or resources while waiting, contact amy@91place.org.

About 91 Place

While 91 Place was being developed, a sample of homeless youth transitioning to adulthood were asked, “if you could have one thing right now that would change everything, what would it be?” Without fail, almost every time, they would say, “a family.”

91 Place was launched to address this need. We are a home for homeless youth, with community, relationships, and a familial environment at its core, and we aim to be a safe place for homeless youth to live, grow, and thrive. Residents are adolescents transitioning to adulthood, ages 17-22, and are able to stay for up to two years. This gives them time-bound space to further their education, obtain a job, save money, and create healthy relationships. Through our life skills curriculum and mentorship program, our residents learn the skills they need to be independent adults. With therapy and trauma-responsive care, they heal from years of trauma.

“People don’t become homeless when they run out of money, at least not right away. They become homeless when they run out of relationships. And this means that the solution to homelessness necessarily involves a reestablishment of relationships and community.”

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Donate to 91 Place

Every donation makes a difference, and all donations go to fund the operations of our home!

When you make a donation, you are doing more than just giving to a cause. You are playing a role in developing a young person’s future. Your donations go directly to supporting our home and staff, so they can care for these youth that society has otherwise forgotten. Please, take a moment to fill out this form and support our youth!

All donations made to 91 Place are tax deductible. Checks can be mailed to the address below and made out to 91 Place, Inc.

How you can get involved

A new approach

We believe the best way for youth to learn is doing it in the real world alongside healthy adults.

For example, youth will help with grocery shopping, budgeting, time management, encouraging one another, problem solving within the house and conflict resolution. They will learn how to love one another by watching the adults and peers in their lives love one another well. Between the life skills curriculum, mentorship program, self-esteem boosting, accomplishing practical goals, discovering passions, and healthy relationships, youth will exit our program completely transformed and will be able to live independent lives. We are excited to implement these proven methods here in our transitional housing program.

91 Place model​

91 Place is an individualized two-year program where each of our youth has different needs and goals based on where they are in life.

For example, if we have a 17-year-old come into the home, their focus will be on finishing or re-enrolling in high school and concentrating on their grades and attendance. But if we have a 21-year-old come into our program, his or her focus would be on going to a trade school or obtaining a full-time job to save for the future. Within each individual program, the youth have goals to focus on and progress towards. The house mentors keep track daily of where they are at, make sure they have gone to school or work, and alert the CEO if there are any consistent issues with youth. House mentors also demonstrate what healthy conversation and dialogue look like. 

Get in touch

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Share a meal with 91 Place

We love to eat! We welcome any home cooked meals that help lighten the burdens of our house mentors having to cook! Choose which house you want to sign-up for below!