Disrupting generational poverty and chronic homelessness in Indianapolis.

Welcome to 91 Place, a home for unhoused youth to grow and transform. Through redemptive relationships, youth who have experienced homelessness rebuild their lives and embody a better future for themselves and their prospective families. 

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91 Place provides transitional housing, workforce development, and mental health supports to youth ages 18-24 facing homelessness in Indianapolis.

Our vision is rooted in the belief that through redemptive relationships, youth who have faced homelessness can rebuild their lives and embody a better future for themselves and their prospective families. 91 Place is more than a shelter; it’s a transformative experience where opportunities are created, marginalized youth find dignity, and lives are loved into meaningful transformation.

Residents are welcomed into 91 Place and guided toward independence. Welcome to 91 Place where compassion meets lasting change.

Youth Housed
Youth Served
High School Graduates
Re-Enrolled in High School

How we have helped.

Enrolled in Continued Education
Jobs Started
Obtained Own Housing
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Through a dedicated, holistic approach, we are disrupting chronic homelessness and building brighter futures.

At 91 Place, we go beyond conventional solutions. We provide more than shelter; rather we offer a comprehensive network of support, including transitional housing, life-skills training, mentorship, mental health services, & workforce development.

This integrated model ensures that the youth we serve receive personalized care, empowering them to break free from the cycle of homelessness. It’s a commitment to dignity, opportunity, and transformation, creating a lasting impact on the lives of our residents and the community we serve. Join us in building futures and reshaping the narrative around youth homelessness.