Transitional Housing

The transitional housing program at 91 Place is designed to provide a holistic approach to housing insecurity.

Youth between the ages of 18 and 24 live in the program for up to two years, during which they participate in life-skills training and a mentorship program. Each resident is given their own room, ensuring a dignified space to live and personal privacy.

The 91 Place program model is individualized, recognizing that each youth has different needs and goals depending on their age and circumstances. House mentors play a vital role in tracking the progress of the youth, ensuring their attendance at school or work, and guiding them to excel.

How do I apply for 91 Place?

91 Place uses a referral-based admissions process, collaborating with community partners including their workforce development program, Near Eastside Counseling, Outreach, Firefly, Unconditional, and OPHS to connect with youth in need of housing. 

The program goes beyond providing shelter and support.

Youth living in the transitional housing program at 91 Place are encouraged to develop essential life skills such as grocery shopping, budgeting, time management, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.

Through a combination of life skills, mentorship, self-esteem building, goal accomplishment, passion discovery, and healthy relationships, the program aims to transform the youth and equip them to live independently.

Our housing program is built around these 7 components of wellness to help our residents grow and thrive.


Nourishing, strengthening, and caring for your body by providing the sleep, exercise, and nutrition that promotes quality and longevity of life.


Connecting with family, friends, the community, and necessary resources in an acceptable, effective, and appropriate way through healthy communication.


Creating and maintaining a safe, clean, enjoyable space for yourself and others that accurately reflects your sense of self and dignity.


Access to new experiences and information related to your needs and interests that contributes to your overall sense of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.


Pursuing employment and other activities that are satisfying and meaningful, and that contribute to the wellbeing of both self and society.


Exercising thoughtful preparation, intentionality, and restraint as needed with the accumulation of and spending of money.


Observing, reflecting, and expressing thoughts and feelings in a way that acknowledges the reality of stress while building resilience

Our live-in house mentors provide consistency and stability.

This approach has resulted in a higher retention rate, with youth staying for an average of 15 months compared to the national average of 4-6 weeks for other transitional housing options. Moreover, the program allows youth to live with them for up to two years, providing a longer-term support system.

If you’re interested in supporting our transitional housing program, you can do so through financial contributions or by volunteering for tasks such as deep cleaning and yard maintenance. This assistance helps maintain the program and create a pleasant environment for the residents.