Our programs are carefully designed to support & guide our youth.

We provide a holistic approach to housing insecurity including transitional housing, mental-health services, and workforce development. 

Transitional Housing

Youth ages 18-24 live with us for up to two years at one of our three homes. Our staff collaborates to create an Individualized plan for each resident based on seven components of wellness. The youth participate in life-skills training and  a mentorship program during their stay. 

Through this transformative experience, we aim to empower our residents with the skills and confidence needed to break the cycle of homelessness and build a foundation for a brighter, independent future.

Therapy Center

The Haven uses innovative therapeutic interventions to engage those who may have had unfavorable therapy experiences in the past. The Haven’s licensed clinical therapist/social worker meets with 91 Place residents once or twice a week.

The Haven offers a combination of psychotherapy and cutting-edge Biosound therapy, making them one of only three places in Indiana using Biosound therapy. This brain-based therapy helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression, impulsive behavior, muscle tension, fear, cravings, anger, and racing thoughts. Biosound therapy sessions are open to the community at no charge.

Workforce Development

Our workforce development coffee shop, Neidhammer Coffee, exists to remove barriers of employability for youth experiencing homelessness and serve our community by providing customers with craft coffee beverages and high-quality food.

The coffee shop exists because we all have to start somewhere. Here, our youth can gain confidence and experience in the workplace as well as greater confidence in their ability to learn and grow. They CAN deliver a positive customer experience and make people’s day better.